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A Memorial for Beach Chalet

The Beach Chalet fields are dead

Long the toxic swill does not live

As it migrates through sandy loam to aquifers below

A memorial is planned:

Bring remembrances of living things

 (Replaced by devices which must compete)

Lost songs of American thrush

Flutter bys on stalk and brush

Rare stars on a clear dark night

Scents of grass and life


The Beach Chalet fields are dead

Long the toxic fill will not live

Crumbled, tired sups needs elected

Lonely dissent, ironic appointments

Life lost as plastic selected


Understudied, science confounds them

Uniquity lost again to chemistry

A scripted child speaks then leaders follow

Weeknight warriors grin from shadows

Parks what were, now strictly business

That’s which green the leaders swallow

A memorial is planned

Eddie Bartley, San Francisco


Artificial Turf


When grass gets paved over and covered

with black tire crumbs and green plastic fibers,

birds will be banished from soccer games

along with ants at picnics on the cool earth,

and the cool earth itself.


We will watch heat currents radiate upward

and we will breathe in hot rubber fumes,

as a player kicks up black crumbs

into another player’s mouth.

We will shout “goooooaaal!”


Meanwhile, our smaller ones

will gather mounds of black crumbs

and say, “Look, a cake!”


And we will forget that

we once shared the beautiful game

with the birds, the ants, the clover

and with the earth.



--Tehmina Khan, San Francisco 


Artificial turf crowds out the living world 


Plastic aromas instead of grass

Polycarbonates and Biphenyl-A

Proven to interrupt endocrine cycles

Proven to affect fertility

Proven to lead to

Lower intelligence in developing brains

Now ever more popular on sports fields

And soon

Golden Gate Park

San Francisco’s oasis of green

Its sacred, natural sanctuary

Soon to be home to polluting esters

From fake grass

To be played upon, rolled upon, wrestled upon

By children playing soccer

Or other sports

To gradually disintegrate

As plastics do

And in the disintegration

Produce more pollutants

To invade growing brains

To invade growing bodies

Produce more pollutants

From plastics

Made from fossil fuels

Plastics that are not


Plastics that disintegrate

Into bits of plastic

To be eaten by animals

And birds

And find their way

Though the food chain

To us and our children

Polluting the bodies of animals and birds

And humans

Artificial turf

Is no proxy

For living growing green

Is no proxy

For life


--  Karen Melander-Magoon


A true GRASSROOTS group formed to give you a chance to vote on artificial turf and lights in Golden Gate Park!  Over 98,000 people voted to protect the park -- but over $900,000 was spent to defeat the ballot initiative and to destroy the western end of Golden Gate Park.  Learn more at: Coalition to Protect Golden Gate Park at: www.protectggp.org .

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