Celebrate the Beach Chalet fields at Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach with your pictures and your words!

The Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance (GGPPA) is pleased to announce an online celebration of the naturalistic beauty of the western end of Golden Gate Park, the Beach Chalet fields, & Ocean Beach

(Go to the bottom of this page to learn more about the imminent threats to Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.)

Here is how you can participate!

IT'S EASY AND FUN! You have probably already written a letter or taken some photos or dreamed of a funny tweet....

So many of you have come to hearings, written letters to commissioners, and spoken eloquently at your neighborhood meetings about your love of Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach, and the negative impacts of this project on Golden Gate Park, on Ocean Beach, on wildlife, and on the people who enjoy these areas every day, and on future generations.  Your have also shared your childhood experiences, your day-to-day use of the Park, and other inspiring issues.  

This is your opportunity to share your feelings and your experiences with others who love Golden Gate Park!  Send us your submittals - your photos, your videos, your artwork, your essays, your poems, your songs, and yes, your best tweets! Share your feelings and your vision with the world!


Construction contracts are being approved.  SOME TREES IN THE AREA HAVE ALREADY BEEN MARKED FOR DESTRUCTION ANYTIME AFTER May 12th, 2014.

Submit your photos & videos

Over the last six (!) years, we have seen many wonderful photos of the Beach Chalet fields, of the western end of Golden Gate Park, and of Ocean Beach.

 This is your opportunity to share those photos with everyone!  Email them to us, and we will load them.  See the categories to the right.



Share your feelings in essays or poetry

Prose or poetry  - up to you!

You have all written eloquent letters to various commissions and to the newspapers.

Please share your feelings in writing with everyone!  Send us your essay or poem, and we will load it here.


Do you have original artwork?

Send us your original artwork - painting, drawing, collage, whatever you have been inspired to create!

Be sure to submit in digital form.

Have fun! Write a song or a pithy Tweet

Write a song -- record it or send us the words!

Create great Tweets - funny, sad, poetic, or simply descriptive.  

Be sure to read the Guidelines to learn how to submit and for other information. Submitting material means that you agree with the guidelines!



The Beach Chalet Soccer Complex project is scheduled to start construction in a very short period of time.  This project includes:

  • Removing over 7 acres of carbon-sequestering grass and replacing it with over 7 acres of artificial turf (gravel base, plastic carpet, and SBR rubber infill)
  • Removing an additional acre of grass and landscaping and replacing it with concrete paving
  • Expanding the existing parking lot by over 30% -- and in a city that calls itself "transit first."
  • Installing 60 foot light poles with 150,000 watts of stadium lighting that will be lighted until 10:00 p.m. every night of the years.
  • Installing 50 additional lights -- all of this in an area that is currently dark and a refuge for wildlife.

This project will destroy the naturalistic beauty of the western end of Golden Gate Park and have an enormous impact on nature for the entire area.  

Photo Contest Insider

A true GRASSROOTS group formed to give you a chance to vote on artificial turf and lights in Golden Gate Park!  Over 98,000 people voted to protect the park -- but over $900,000 was spent to defeat the ballot initiative and to destroy the western end of Golden Gate Park.  Learn more at: Coalition to Protect Golden Gate Park at: www.protectggp.org .

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